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Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Opéra Richepanse

Hotel Opéra Richepanse

Breaking news: there is absolutely no shortage of hotels in Paris. From lavish palaces to luxury hostels and just about everything in between, from Saint-Germain to Belleville, hospitality is highly competitive in Paris and it can often be difficult to find the most suitable option for your own set of needs. Enter Hotel Opéra Richepanse, a […]

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How to Spend a Non-Touristy 24 Hours in Paris

24 hours in Paris

“I’ll just do that next time I’m in town” is something I’ve said more times than I can count as far as Paris is concerned. Not because I want to be obnoxious about my travel-focused lifestyle, but rather because Paris is a city that I somehow always seems to cross paths with. While it wasn’t […]

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Musée du Louvre: When The Museum Itself Is a Work of Art

Forget Venus de Milo. Forget the Winged Victory. Hell, forget Mona Lisa. The real star here is the museum. Well, duh? I hear you. What I mean is the actual museum. The pavilions, the moldings, the ceilings, the statues on the outside walls. The abundant use of gold and intricate carving, in an all-around architectural exuberance that only Kings […]

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Outside Paris: Exploring Modern La Défense

things to do in la défense 1

Not that I would ever get enough of Paris‘ impossibly photogenic streets, but there was an area I desperately longed to visit during my last trip: La Défense. Soaring from the otherwise rather flat west side of Paris, this is Europe’s largest purpose-built business district, and, not unlike Canary Wharf in London, it holds some […]

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