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My Favourite & Most Beautiful Villages in France

Beautiful Villages in France Honfleur

After driving from Monaco to Étretat, and from Carcassonne to Lyon, I think I’m allowed to put on the proverbial France expert hat. I’ve seen enough villages, landmarks, and open countryside to know which ones are worth making a detour for – or as we call it, taking the “scenic route”. And although some would argue […]

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9 Stunning Examples Of Things To Do In Cantal

Things To Do In Cantal 16

Is Cantal the best place you’ve never heard of? Quite possibly. In fact, unless you’re French, chances are you’ve never even heard of this area, which is quite simply one of the four departments of Auvergne. Each one is really quite different from the other; more specifically, Cantal is all about the great outdoors and spectacular […]

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Hiking Volcanoes in Auvergne: My Experience

Hiking a volcano wasn’t exactly part of my French tourism plan. Somehow my mind and body never got along very well, and anything that involves just the slightest amount of coordination is more often than not a very bad idea. Being outdoors and staying active, I enjoy – making a fool of myself by landing […]

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Vichy, France: The Ultimate French Spa Town

Vichy, France 1

Vichy spas are, to say the least, abundant.Very few cities in the world can boast being a spa capital – and luckily for me, Vichy is one of them. Located in the beautiful Auvergne region, it is easily reachable by train from Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon, which only makes it even easier to add to […]

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