Getting Wild With Cornish Wildlife

Cornish Wildlife

Cornwall is one of the holiday jewels of the UK; not only does it have a vast, beautiful coastline which attracts millions of holidaymakers each year, it also has quite a variety of wildlife that calls the county its home.

In fact, Cornwall is one of the most wildly diverse holiday destinations that that UK has to offer and it’s no wonder that many people flock there to witness some of the most incredible wildlife that this area has to offer.

If it’s a wildlife filled holiday you’re after in the UK, Cornwall is definitely the place to visit!

The Best Of Cornish Wildlife

Basking Sharks

Cornish Wildlife Cornish Wildlife

If you’re heading for the coast, keep an eye out for the large, looming shape of the basking shark. You may be forgiven for assuming that these deep sea mammoths are just waiting to gobble you up should they get the chance, but contrary to the popular belief that all sharks are aggressive, basking sharks are incredibly docile creatures. They swim around the coast feeding on plankton, which is why you will often see them gliding slowly through the water with their mouths open wide.

They can be seen more often during the summer months when the water becomes warmer around the coast, so be sure to keep a keen eye on the waves for a glimpse of the second largest fish in our oceans!


Cornish WildlifeCornish Wildlife

Cornwall appears to be a haven for seal species, with two types of seal consistently visiting the area throughout the year. The first species that you are likely to see is the grey seal. These large mammals do tend to spend most of their time out at sea foraging for food but it is not unusual for them to lounge around on the coast from time to time.

The smaller species known as the common seal is known to reside in sheltered areas such as harbours and are more likely to be seen relaxing on the shoreline. Their young are born during the summer months, so if you are heading to the Cornwall area during the height of the summer months, chances are you’ll be able to spot some super cute baby seals! Cameras at the ready!

Bottle-Nosed Dolphin

Cornish Wildlife Cornish WildlifeCornish Wildlife

You don’t have to head to an exotic country to catch a glimpse of the acrobatic displays of the bottle-nosed dolphin, Cornwall provides the perfect environment to enjoy the fun and enjoyment that these marine mammals have to offer!

They are incredibly friendly and will often put on spectacular acrobatic displays, with animals bursting out of the water left, right and centre to give you the ultimate show of a lifetime! You will usually see these animals in groups or pods as they are known, and they are sure to give you plenty of great memories, especially if you’re out on the high seas and sailing alongside their almost-aerial displays!

They can be seen all year round, so even if you’re heading to Cornwall during the off-peak season, you’re still encouraged to keep a lookout for these cheeky animals!

Aside from the beautiful scenery that Cornwall has to offer – which is reason enough to book a stay in Cornwall with Duchy Holidays – it is definitely worth it to look a little closer at the incredible wildlife that this area has to offer, especially if you love seeing animals in their natural habitat! Don’t let your holiday just be about sun, sea, and sand!

Where is your favourite place to see wildlife on holiday?

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