What I Like About Flying With Air Canada

As Canada’s largest and most international airline, Air Canada, and I go way back. I was flying with Air Canada when I moved to London in 2008 — also my first ever time on a plane! — and little did I know at the time that I was going to become a frequent flyer through work just eight years later. To say I’m in a special relationship with them would be a vast understatement.

After having flown with them to half a dozen countries on three continents (most recently to Florida for work) here are a few reasons why I personally think you should strongly consider booking your next trip with Air Canada, Montreal Trudeau’s and Canada’s most comprehensive airline.

Flying With Air Canada ♥

Flying With Air Canada

The scope of destinations

Unlike many other airlines in Canada that solely fly to the tropics, Air Canada goes places. And by that, I mean five continents and countless cities, from Shanghai to Cartagena, from Casablanca to Warsaw and even Sydney — the possibilities truly are endless, especially where direct flights are concerned. Let the world be your oyster while flying with Air Canada!

The useful Air Canada app

Gone are the times where travellers had to print out our boarding passes while rushing to finish packing thanks to the user-friendly Air Canada app! Book flights, select seats and check-in in just a single, seamless step with the mobile app. You can also change your flight info, download your electronic boarding pass to show at security and boarding, get push notifications regarding your flight, share your itinerary with your family or purchase travel options — it’s all possible with the neat, practical Air Canada app.

Flying With Air Canada

The brand new lounges

Unwind from the stress of going through security and getting to the airport on time at Air Canada’s newly refurbished Maple Leaf signature lounges in Toronto, Montreal and London Heathrow. Check your emails with the free high-speed WiFi, have a drink to help you relax, put your feet up in the “Cell-Free Quiet Zone, catch up on the news, print out your itinerary at the business centre or freshen up at the clean, almost empty washrooms (worlds away from the crowded ones typically found in airports). Some lounges even have showers! If you haven’t had the time to eat before you left, grab a bite at the complimentary buffet filled with tasty snacks and beverages before you start flying with Air Canada.

The nervous flyer that I am immensely enjoys her pre-flight ritual, which consists of a generous serving of G+T and a few pretzels.

The concierge service

If you’d rather have someone show you from check-in to boarding and vice-versa than having to figure it out yourself, the Air Canada’s concierge service might be something worth considering. Specifically designed to simplify and enhance the overall pre and post-flight experience in over 37 airports around the world, this exclusive and entirely personalised service includes priority check-in, boarding, security clearance and baggage handling, as well as any sort of ground support regarding ticketing, on location last-minute arrangements and various airport-related matters. Kind of like a regular hotel concierge except they’re available from the moment you check in, these guys are dependable and resourceful.

Flying With Air Canada

The new Premium Economy

Air Canada recently introduced a new service class called Premium Economy on board its A330 aeroplanes (progressively available on select international routes), which allows travellers to stretch out and pamper themselves with a more indulgent in-flight experience through a variety of enhanced services and amenities. Physically and theoretically wedged between standard economy and business classes, the dedicated Premium Economy cabin notably features:

  • Larger seats (26.6cm/10.5in in average) with greater recline (17.8cm/7in) and a generous seat pitch (96.5cm/38in)
  • Next generation entertainment system
  • In-seat power and USB port at every seat
  • Complimentary wine and spirits, as well as premium cuisine served with proper china, glassware and cutlery
  • Exclusive amenity kit
  • Welcome beverage as you settle into your seat
  • Increased baggage allowance
  • Priority airport services like priority boarding, check-in and baggage handling.

* Disclaimer: this post was brought to you by Air Canada. Since I spend half my travel time on their fleet, it seemed natural to show my appreciation!

2 Comments on What I Like About Flying With Air Canada

  1. Ray
    January 12, 2017 at 11:01 am (9 months ago)

    Yes, they are convenient to use for International flights (mainly because they have a monopoly here in Canada), but whenever I can, I will use their Star Alliance partners instead. Much better customer service! What really annoys me with Air Canada is their lack of empathy towards customers when they don’t deliver on service as promised.

    I once had a flight to Brazil via NYC cancelled due to weather without any of Air Canada’s staff bothering to tell us what was going on. Then when we were told to pick up our luggage and book the next available flight, we missed out on that because the luggage crew didn’t bother to take our luggage off the plane. We waited at the carousel for over an hour with no help whatsoever!

    Then they tried to give me a measly $300 credit for a future flight ($150 for both my Girlfriend and I) until I had to bitch and get us $300 each. I even had an Air Canada staff member steal a memory card from my camera on a different flight once, but that’s a whole new story altogether. There are plenty of other horror stories about Air Canada’s lack of Customer service all over the Internet for those who do their research.

    Sorry to dump on your positive post about Air Canada, but I think readers should be given a fair and balanced look at how they really operate. They are not Customer service friendly whatsoever! Be thankful if you arrive at your destination on time with them and count your blessings.

    • Marie-Eve
      January 12, 2017 at 12:10 pm (9 months ago)

      Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. In all honesty I’ve never had any issues with Air Canada, whether I flew as a journalist or a commoner. This is why I wrote this article.


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