Why Chamonix Is the Perfect Destination for a Romantic Ski Getaway

When choosing where to head to for a romantic ski getaway, the French Alps are often top of people’s lists. The problem is, it’s hard to decide which part of the region to visit to maximise on romantic potential. Some options in France include Meribel and Les Gets, or there’s Arlberg in Austria. With all the choice, many people might decide to run from the slopes and find a secluded spot somewhere in Europe instead.

But, fear not! We’re going to take the decision out of your hands: you’re going to Chamonix. It’s the perfect place for you to have a snowy escape with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

Chamonix is an area in the French Alps that’s widely considered to boast some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery in the world. With a slope for every level of skier and hundreds of things to do besides stepping onto the mountains, couples will love how the can have a special experience together in Chamonix, no matter what their preferences are.

Romantic Ski Getaway in the Alps

Romantic Ski Getaway in Chamonix

The Nature

Chamonix is filled with beautiful nature spots that are just waiting to be discovered. For a start, the world famous Mont Blanc is easily accessible, as Chamonix is one of the three towns sitting at the base of this stunning mountain- the highest in the Alps. Although not likely that you’ll plan to climb this beast, it’s pretty special to enjoy a retreat with your significant other in its shadow.

If you’re both into trekking or fancy a bit of mountain air, head to Lac Blanc, a lake with the most incredible panorama reflected in its waters. It’s about the best photo opportunity for a cutesy couple shot that you can get, and long walks always lead to deep and meaningful conversations- or at least a lot of happy laughter.

One of the best ways to see the wild scenery around Chamonix is to take a ride in a cable car or ski lift. Easily combinable with a day on the slopes, you can both get excited for your next adrenaline rush by suspending yourselves over the mountain in a lift. There’s nothing cuter than getting giddy with excitement with your loved one.

To find the hidden parts of Chamonix that no-one else has seen, slip on a pair of snow shoes and take off on an adventure together to discover the regions. Snow shoes allow you to get off the beaten track and walk across even the thickest and most powdery of snow. Together, you really will be forming new paths and enjoy escaping from the crowds between the trees.

Of course, heading up to the most beautiful spot you can find and skiing down is a great way to get up close and personal with the nature in Chamonix. Let the wind rush through your hair and your eyes explore the mountain ranges as you head down to the bottom to enjoy an après ski hot chocolate with your love. Just don’t try to hold hands on the way down…

The Food and Drink

There’s nothing better after a long day skiing than to take your loved one to a romantic restaurant, where you can dine with a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the mountains. In Chamonix, there are scores of great little cafes, pubs, restaurants and bars. They range from small eateries all the way up to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Depending on your budget and location in Chamonix, there are loads of good restaurants to choose from. On the mountain, the choices range from traditional French cuisine to steaks and even gourmet take-away picnics. This gourmet picnic is a great way to spoil your partner, and being able to eat it at 2000 metres with the mountain range in front of you will take your breath away.

Off the mountain and back in the resort, the choices grow even more. After chilling out in your chalet after a day of skiing, you can choose to take your partner to a restaurant specialising in anything from seafood to regional specialities with a gourmet spin.

If you’re in the mood for something really special, there are also two incredible Michelin-starred restaurants: Bistrot, which has 1 Michelin star and Albert Premier which is considered one of the best ski resort restaurants in the world and has 2 Michelin stars to its name!

Aside from the eateries, there are plenty of cute bars and cafes to enjoy an après ski (or an ‘avant’ ski!) drink with your partner.

Romantic Ski Getaway in Chamonix

The Cabins

It’s true, romantic ski holidays in Chamonix just wouldn’t be complete without an adorable chalet to call your own for a week or so. It’s not hard to find somewhere special, with a roaring fire to cuddle in front of at the end of the day, authentic French wine in hand.

Plus, a great cabin is going to have a fabulous view too. Say good morning and goodnight to the world each day through the ever-changing window views from your chalet. With a private place all to yourselves, you can have a romantic retreat and never see another soul if you choose. Get in close so ward off the cold, and even bring your own food and drink to cook yourselves if you want to save on costs and have a more intimate holiday. What could be more romantic than a fire, a mountain and your significant other, and nothing else to worry about?

The Activities

Chamonix is filled to the brim with things to do besides skiing. Depending on your preferences, you may want to get a buzz with some adventurous sports, or you may decide to spoil yourselves and have some couples time in one of the spa centres in town.

If it is something chilled out you’re looking for, there are spas focusing on a person’s every relaxation need. Have a strong couple’s massage to ease away those skiing aches, or a facial to purify your skin and protect it from the cold and winds. Perhaps the lady of the relationship would like to feel pampered and have a manicure and pedicure ready for a romantic evening out, too.

Even if you just decide to take a turn in the hot tub or sauna together, it’s especially romantic when you enjoy relaxing with each other.

If you need your romance to be more intense, you can have a once in a lifetime experience together on the slopes of Chamonix. Try a new and exciting snow sport, such as snowboarding, tobogganing, the above-mentioned snow-shoeing or snowmobiling. Alternatively, have a real thrill by taking your loved one up in a helicopter or go paragliding over Chamonix and the French Alps. You’ll be dizzy with excitement, and have a view that most people can only dream of.

Now, have you been convinced that Chamonix is where you should take your significant other for a romantic getaway? Thought so. Everything about this town comes together to form a perfect package for a couple of who want to get away from it all, but experience so much. Now, step away from the computer, book yourself and your partner a trip to Chamonix, and go away and have a beautiful time together.

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