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17 Easy Day Trips from London

day trips from London

Rumour has it that one is never more than 60 miles from the beach in Britain; indeed, the island is quite compact but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is entirely homogeneous. Quite the contrary! Quick note: if you plan on doing several independent day trips, a Brit Rail pass might be worth your while. Otherwise, […]

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72 Hours In Glasgow

Glasgow was always an elusive one to me. I have been all over Scotland in the past couple of years over half a dozen of trips, from the Isle of Skye to the tragic Highlands — and yet, I had never managed to make it west to Glasgow. Was I not destined to go, I wondered? It wasn’t for […]

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72 Hours in Edinburgh

Scotland Itinerary

Edinburgh is a city of contrasts; it embraces its inevitable clichés and rich history and yet superbly embraces modernity whenever possible. The result is a multi-faceted metropolis celebrated for its spiritedness and complemented by the hard-to-resist Scottish charm that would force a smile out of the most rigid of visitors. I’ve had the immense pleasure of […]

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Not Afternoon Tea at the OXO Tower

not afternoon tea at the oxo tower

I always said that I must have been a princess in another life. While my budget doesn’t always allow for it, I’m a rather big fan of all things epicurean, like fine dining, quality wines, English haute couture and first-class plane tickets. It doesn’t come as a big surprise then that my friend Kirsten and I […]

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