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10 Highlights of Andalusia – Spain’s Most Spectacular Region

highlights of andalusia

Barcelona’s medieval streets and beaches are nice but overcrowded; Madrid’s regal heritage is fascinating, but also increasingly expensive. What’s a Spain aficionado to do? Perhaps it’s time to head down south to a tranquil Spanish autonomous region, where the complex Moorish heritage mingles flawlessly with the idyllic beaches and the mouth-watering tapas — just a select […]

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6 Things to Do in Tenerife Besides Tanning

All-Inclusive Package

Tenerife and the Canary Islands as a whole are often regarded as the Caribbean of Europe—sun-seeking Northerners making their way south to indulge in exotic fruits, turquoise waters and bask in the warm sun. Which isn’t all that far from the truth, actually. But for those who just can’t sit still, it is worth noting […]

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More Than Meets The Eye: Visiting the Alhambra in Granada

Alhambra in Granada

Did you know that southern Spain was once governed by a powerful emirate? Don’t worry — most people don’t. The Alhambra in Granada is indeed the living proof that the Iberian Peninsula — now Spain and Portugal — used to be part of the expansive Al-Andalus territory between the 8th and the 15th century, right up until the Christian Reconquista […]

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Re-Discovering Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia

My first visit to the Sagrada Familia, in 2009, left me… unimpressed. Not because it’s not a special place. I could tell that it was. But it was under such heavy construction, scaffolds covering every wall, dust everywhere, that there wasn’t really anything to see back then. Cue 2012. The stained glass at the Sagrada Familia […]

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Following Gaudi’s Trail in Barcelona

gaudi in barcelona

Going on a Gaudi quest in Barcelona isn’t very hard. It would actually be hard NOT to. Because he is, quite simply, everywhere. The most iconic landmarks of Barcelona are signed by Gaudi, and they also happen to be the most popular. For a good reason – they’re quite spectacular. I always say that touristy […]

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Colourful Granada – In Photos

After a few months under the permanent British grey cloud, the thing that you need the most is definitely color. Warm, earth colors. Vitamin D. A tan! And what better than southern Spain to provide that? It doesn’t get more colorful and sunny than Andalusia, I thought. And I was right! One of the things […]

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