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The Best of Flanders – in Photos

One of the regions I was looking forward to the most during my trip with was Flanders – I won’t go about 18 ways to say why. CHOCOLATE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, PEOPLE. I’m actually surprised I wasn’t detained at the customs for filling my suitcase in various declinations of the stuff… What I found was […]

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The Story Behind The Love Bridge in Cologne

Love Bridge in Cologne

Cheesy, or awfully romantic? I can’t seem to pick a side. These love tokens are spreading throughout Europe like padlocks are going out of style, from Paris Florence and, halfway in between, in Cologne. Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter though, objectively, it’s a pretty freaking impressive sight. 40,000 padlocks in all their technicolor […]

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Beautiful Berlin in Winter – In Photos

berlin in winter

When one thinks of winter in Germany, one of the first things to come to mind is, naturally, the Christmas Markets. What’s not to like? Warm glühwein, delicious guilt-free treats, festive decor and music, and endless shopping possibilities. But coming from a Nordic country myself, I was glad I got to experience Berlin under (and, […]

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