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My Absolute Favourite Photos Of Quebec City

Things to Do in Old Quebec

Although I will forever and ever be team Montreal (a girl’s gotta represent, yo), I have to give Quebec City some well-deserved credit. The only walled city north of Mexico keeps luring tourists in, enticing them with its old-world charm, its European flair, and, of course, its undeniably photogenic attributes. And when you’re admiring the view […]

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The Best of Alsace – in Photos

photos of alsace

Few places in the world can boast holding such authenticity, history, mixed influences and all-around gorgeousness. Alsace is one of those – the mysterious region north-east of France that was the subject of many fights between Germany and France throughout the centuries, hence its diverse heritage. Between the quaint villages, the scenery, the castles and […]

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Instagram Guide to Morocco

instagram morocco

Traveling to Morocco was always a dream of mine. The traditional yet forward-thinking spirit of its inhabitants and the varied, changing landscapes have always been the object of my fascination, and it wasn’t until I actually set foot there that I truly understood what makes Morocco so special. My trip hasn’t gone without a few […]

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