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48 Hours in York, My Favourite Town in Britain

things to do in York

If what you’re after is an idyllic English town that perfectly embodies what we, foreigners, imagine England to be like (heaps of history, cream tea, quaint pubs, welcoming locals that call you “luv”; the usuals) then you absolutely must visit York. Indeed, the town is a place of remarkable cultural and historical heritage and has, miraculously, lost […]

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The Complete Guide To Celebrating The 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death in England

Where to Stay in London

William Shakespeare once proclaimed that “all the world is a stage“. Little did he know that 400 years after his death, he would be the headliner, as Britain becomes awash with events and experiences in honour of its most celebrated writer. As I type this, a whopping selection of cultural institutions are putting together exhibitions and […]

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17 Easy Day Trips from London

day trips from London

Rumour has it that one is never more than 60 miles from the beach in Britain; indeed, the island is quite compact but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is entirely homogeneous. Quite the contrary! Quick note: if you plan on doing several independent day trips, a Brit Rail pass might be worth your while. Otherwise, […]

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