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What I Like About Flying With Air Canada

Flying With Air Canada

As Canada’s largest and most international airline, Air Canada, and I go way back. I was flying with Air Canada when I moved to London in 2008 — also my first ever time on a plane! — and little did I know at the time that I was going to become a frequent flyer through […]

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Eating All Of The Lobster: A 5-Day Nova Scotia Road Trip

Nova Scotia Road Trip

Arguably one of the most diverse and riveting provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia encompasses everything from a rich cultural heritage to an enviable coastline, all of which are complemented by some of the friendliest locals I’ve ever met. While there are several options as far as Nova Scotia road trips are concerned, I was recently given […]

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Montreal is For Lovers ♥ Everything You Need For a Romantic Weekend

romantic things to do in montreal

Is it the omnipresence of French? The cobblestone streets so reminiscent of Europe? The abundance of dimly lit restaurants or the Canadians’ innate bonhomie? Right alongside Paris and Venice —two quintessentially sentimental nations that, incidentally, saw tens of thousands of its residents emigrate to Montreal over the centuries— there is little doubt that Montreal is one of […]

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Hanging Out In Canada’s Most Vibrant Area: Mile End Montreal

mile end montreal

Call it hipster capital, call it the artsiest district in Montreal — eclectic Mile End Montreal doesn’t care for labels. Technically part of trendy Plateau Mont-Royal but infinitely more authentic, this effervescent district covers just about 10 blocks but is incidentally home to Canada’s largest concentration of artists, in addition to some of Montreal’s most acclaimed […]

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Old Port Montreal: 15+ Amazing Things You Can’t Miss

Old Port Montreal

When most people picture the old part of Montreal, they think of cobblestone streets and accordion players on busy plazas – and, on some level, they would be right. But there is a vastly underrated part that even locals know very little about, and that only recently started getting some traction. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s everything you […]

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My Favourite French Restaurants In Montreal

old port montreal

Considering there are over 30,000 French expats currently residing in Montréal, it’s no wonder French bistros are often what foodies talk about.  Curious to try authentic French food in Montréal but unsure where to start? These suggestions are guaranteed home runs that simply won’t disappoint. Bon appétit! The Best French Restaurants In Montreal Chez Lévêque 1030 […]

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Where To Find The Best Poutine in Montreal

cheap eats in montreal

Finding the best poutine in Montreal is akin to going after the Holy Grail – many have tried, but few have succeeded. The results of such quests always vary, and no one seems to agree on the final selection. Where is the best poutine in Montreal? Should we stick to proven classics, or should we […]

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