10 Little Known Facts About France

interesting facts about france

Now that I have been living in France for a while, I have started to notice some interesting facts about France that make the French so… French. Want to know what I found out? Read on. 1.  No tipping Service is included in all restaurant bills. While it does feel weird to leave nothing on […]

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A Long Weekend in Paris On a Budget

Planning a weekend in Paris on a budget is not simple task, and I had to face it a few weeks ago. My fiancé and I had to visit the Canadian embassy for paperwork and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on a trip we hadn’t even considered taking. Fed up with hostels but […]

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What The Hell is the United Kingdom?

Be honest. You know you’ve asked yourself that question too. If you can manage to understand the fast-paced (and humorous) tone of the narrator, you probably now are an expert on the subject. Being a Britophile myself I already knew all this, but I agree it can be quite confusing for the non-initiated – even […]

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Cuenca – Spain’s Most Underrated Destination

If you’re looking up things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador, you’re on the wrong blog. While most people think of the Ecuadorian capital when they think of Cuenca, I felt like I needed to shed some light on its oft-overlooked Spanish counterpart. Crowning the steep promontory overlooking two deep river gorges, this UNESCO World Heritage Site […]

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The Legend of Castle Pubs in Camden

There are many, many pubs named after a castle in Britain, but 4 of them, located in the Borough of Camden in London, caught my attention because of their “strategic” location and name. There are The Windsor Castle, The Dublin Castle, The Pembroke Castle and finally The  Edinboro Castle. Ring a bell? A legend links these […]

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