Eating All Of The Lobster: A 5-Day Nova Scotia Road Trip

Nova Scotia Road Trip

Arguably one of the most diverse and riveting provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia encompasses everything from a rich cultural heritage to an enviable coastline, all of which are complemented by some of the friendliest locals I’ve ever met. While there are several options as far as Nova Scotia road trips are concerned, I was recently given […]

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Columbia Road Flower Market in London – in Photos

Columbia Road Flower Market in London

London has no shortage of markets; not with Broadway Market, Portobello Road Market, even the 1000-year old (yep, that’s three zeros) Borough Market, which are all institutions in their own right. Columbia Road Flower Market, however, is rather special. Situated on a quiet Victorian street — although one would rightfully argue that this market is […]

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Montreal is For Lovers ♥ Everything You Need For a Romantic Weekend

romantic things to do in montreal

Is it the omnipresence of French? The cobblestone streets so reminiscent of Europe? The abundance of dimly lit restaurants or the Canadians’ innate bonhomie? Right alongside Paris and Venice —two quintessentially sentimental nations that, incidentally, saw tens of thousands of its residents emigrate to Montreal over the centuries— there is little doubt that Montreal is one of […]

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48 Hours in York, My Favourite Town in Britain

things to do in York

If what you’re after is an idyllic English town that perfectly embodies what we, foreigners, imagine England to be like (heaps of history, cream tea, quaint pubs, welcoming locals that call you “luv”; the usuals) then you absolutely must visit York. Indeed, the town is a place of remarkable cultural and historical heritage and has, miraculously, lost […]

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